NEW 2019 Felt Breed 30

April 6, 2019



With the introduction of 650B gravel/adventure bikes that are now fitted with 47 to 50mm tires, you might ask: Why?

What is 650B? 650B has the same rim diameter as 27.5” wheels, just like 700C has the same rim diameter as 29er wheels.

Why choose 650B? 650B appeals to folks wanting bigger, wider tires (i.e. more comfort and a bike better suited for dirt and gravel surfaces). These tires are not normally found on cyclecross bikes because of tire restrictions. Here are some other advantaged of a smaller tire:

  • more comfortable for people under 5’5” tall;

  • allows the rider to better manage the bike’s handling and reaction;

  • stronger wheels (due to shorter spoke length) makes the wheels lighter/stiffer and allows the rider to pedal faster; etc.


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