The 2019 "FATBIKES" have arrived...

December 25, 2018

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Order your 2019 "FATBIKE" and receive  12 months FREE financing or 10% of the bike value in FREE accessories.  



FATBIKES have been around since at least the early 20th century, but in last several years manufacturers like CANNONDALE, ROCKY MOUNTAIN, DEVINCI, FELT, NORCO, etc., have started crafting them for the masses.

Many stores have actually started recommending FATBIKES in lieu of other bikes because of their versatility and ability to conquer any terrain. With a FATBIKE you can now extend your riding season.

Why buy a FATBIKE?

Because you can ride virtually anywhere and in all driving conditions.

What options are available?

Many companies now offer FATBIKES in aluminum and carbon frames, with or without suspension forks. You can also find FATBIKES for kids, with 20 and 24” wheels.

How different are they, when compared with MTB bikes?

They are more comfortable and are made smaller for safety.

Wider tires provide more tractions in snow and climb much better.

Tires also give you a sensation of having a suspension on your bike.

What about clothing?

Humidity can make the cold feel colder, so please dress appropriately.

It is recommended that you dress in layers, and carry a back-pack. Also think of wearing a ski helmet and goggles.

It is also recommended that you wear waterproof shoes or boots, and socks that preserve heat. Toe warmers are also a good idea.

Is it important to stay hydrated?

Staying hydrated is more important in winter.

It is always recommended to carry an insulated water bottle.

What pedals should I consider?

“Clipless” pedals are fine (like the Shimano SPDs), but “platform” pedals are better as you frequently need to get off your FATBIKE.

What about tires?

Typically, 8-1-psi is ideal for most riders. Always carry a spare inner tube. It is also a good idea to buy studded tires.


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