Why buy a CATRIKE?

May 5, 2016



Why buy only CATRIKE?

1. They are 100% manufactured and built in the United States;

2. They received 6 awards for the Trike of the Year by the readers of BentRiderOnline.com;

3. They were elected in 2008 the Manufacturer of the Year under 100 employees & under 125 employees by the Manufacture Association of Central Florida; and

4. They are "cool" to ride and have an amazing "resell" value.

Why ride a CATRIKE?

  • Comfort: Your body feels good — no pain. Your arms and wrists are totally relaxed, as they do not support your weight. Your neck and shoulders are relaxed because you’re looking straight ahead. They offer full support for your buttocks and back and do not result in unnecessary trips to the Urologist.

  • Stamina: Seating position makes for easier breathing (with a more open chest and diaphragm). You’ll be able to ride longer with less fatigue and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

  • Virtually impossible to flip over.

  • Great for attracting attention while riding.

Are CATRIKEs difficult to balance and ride?

They actually require less balance and generally solve any balance problems that you may have. Riders quickly become familiar with their new “toy”, as they ride relaxed and are not so stiff/tense as they would be on an upright bike.

Are CATRIKEs fast?

They are aerodynamically superior to conventional bicycles (due to their wind resistance), and as a general rule they are about 10% faster than a conventional bike on long-distance rides. The high seat back allows you to leverage more pedal power by pushing with your back against the seat. Human power is maximized under these conditions.

Are CATRIKEs safe?

Be sure to ride with safety gear, cycling shoes, reflective gear, helmet, rear view mirror(s) and perhaps a safety flag. Riders should also use bicycle safety gear such as reflective clothing, a helmet, a horn, a safety flag, and lights when riding at night.

Are CATRIKEs “ideal” for people with special needs?

We have a special interest in adaptive solutions for people with special needs, for example, balance, weight, stroke recovery, Multiple Scholoris (MS), Parkinson’s and other restrictions that prevent regular bicycle use.

Wide range of customized solutions are available to help people with disabilities get on a CATRIKE. The following retrofits are available: one-handed operation (for braking and shifting); installation of a BionX (electric-assist system); etc. Other mobility products are also available on special order, such as crank shorteners, crank pendulums, pedals with foot retention, pedals with calf support, lap & shoulder belts, walking stick holders, etc.

We also provide tune-up and repair services to most makes and models of recumbent trikes.

Private appointment is encouraged to help you find the best CATRIKE for you.

Is it possible to rent a CATRIKE before I buy?

You can now rent a CATRIKE before you buy. Best part, if you choose to buy the CATRIKE the rental fee will be applied towards your purchase if you decide to buy one within 30 days. We currently have three (3) CATRIKES for rent, by appointment only and with free delivery/pick-up (if required): Villager; Trail (foldable); and 5.5.9. The price for the rental is as follows:

- Villager: $85/day or $320/4 days;

- Trail (folable): $100/day or $400/4 days;

- 700: $110/day or $430/4 days; and

- 5.5.9: $120/day or $450/4 days.

Call to reserve yours today. The CATRIKES come equipped with saddle bags, rear rack, clipless pedals, safety flag and mirrors. Renters must use their own SPD compatible shoes.


What about transport, how do I transport my CATRIKE?

You can also rent a HOLLYWOOD hitch-rack to transport your CATRIKE. The rental fee will also be applied towards your purchase should you choose to buy. The price for the rental is $25/day or $100/4 days. Clients must have a 1 ¼ inch or 2 inch hitch already mounted on their vehicle. 

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