BicyclesMcW and Desjardins AccordD are pleased to offer

3 x FINANCING plans to launch the 2019 season.


Effective from: MARCH 23rd to JUNE 30, 2018


Plan # 1: 6 equal payments, no interest


Plan # 2: 12 equal payments, no interest


Plan # 3: 36 equal payments, at 8.9% interest


[NOTE: With a minimum purchase of $599.99 (before taxes).]


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In a couple of words, applying for FINANCING from Desjardins AccordD is:

  • Fast: The processing of the request is pretty much completed in minutes;

  • Simple: A single monthy payment that includes the minimum payment due on your VISA Desjardins card (current purchases); and

  • Flexible: With numerous repayment options being available, you can repay the principal of the FINANCING before maturity without penalty, at any time.

For more information:

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