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We carry all CATRIKE models as well as accessories/parts for your CATRIKE.

Is it possible to rent a CATRIKE before I buy?

You can now rent a CATRIKE before you buy. Best part, the rental fees will be applied towards your purchase if you decide to buy within 30 days of your rental. We currently have all CATRIKE models for rent, by appointment only and with free delivery/pick-up (if required): Villager; Trail5.5.9; Expedition; Pocket; Dumont; Road-AR700; and the NEW Eola.

Rental Fees:

  • Villager: $370/4 days;

  • Trail (foldable): $400/4 days;

  • 5.5.9 (foldable): $450/4 days;

  • Expedition: $370/4 days;

  • Pocket: $310/4 days;

  • Dumont (foldable): $560/4 days;

  • Road-AR: $480/4 days;

  • 700: $540/4 days; and

  • NEW Eola: $270/4days.

Please call to reserve your CATRIKE today. CATRIKES come generally equipped with saddle bags, rear rack, clipless pedals, safety flag and mirror. Clients must bring their own shoes and ensure they are compatible with SPD pedals.

What about transport, how do I transport my CATRIKE?

You can also rent a HOLLYWOOD hitch-rack to transport your CATRIKE. The rental fee will also be applied towards your purchase should you choose to buy. The price for the rental is: $25/day or $100/4 days. Clients must have a 1¼ or 2" square trailer hitch already mounted on their vehicle.

Rental Agreement:

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