BICYCLES McW's AFS Bike Fittings are uniquely designed to help you ride your bicycle with more comfort, power and efficiency through a balanced, common sense and scientific approach. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner, we are proficient in the science of bike fitting, while also understanding individual differences and individual goals and needs.

While everyone would like to assume a certain riding position, sometimes injuries or a lack of flexibility may limit our best efforts and create discomfort. Included with each fitting session, we assess and address injuries, lack of core strength and or lack of flexibility. We are equipped to work with you in order to help you improve your ride through education on riding style as well as stretching and strengthening exercises that address your particular needs. We believe that a bike fitting should go beyond the actual measurements and also provide you with the knowledge of how to improve beyond your present state. We'd like to help you excel, on and off the bike, leading to improved strength, flexibility, health, comfort and performance.

We also invite you to come ride with us on our Sunday rides so that we can further track your progress and provide additional feedback towards improving your overall riding experience. Anyone can look as aerodynamic as a professional cyclist in the fitting room but our weaknesses and tendencies are always revealed as we ride. So come and ride with us, take advantage of our Sunday rides and let us help you progress beyond the fitting room.

In the fitting room, our approach is to perform small incremental adjustments within each fitting session and see you more often rather than spending several hours completely rearranging your whole riding position in one shot. The reason for this is quite simple, logical and straightforward. If we change everything at once, and it's still not perfect (and it rarely is) due to a lingering injury or lack of dynamic flexibility or core strength, then we don't know exactly what worked and what didn't. But If we change things incrementally, then we can really pinpoint and dial in the perfect riding position for you given any circumstances. Let's not lose sight of the fact that we're trying to fit the bicycle to your geometry and range of motion, not the other way around. Since each individual is different, a one size fits all, one shot approach, is rarely a viable long term solution.

Professional cyclists have spent years progressively developing their positioning and riding style yet many bike fitters will have you believe that they can properly fit you within a few hours. Put simply, they can't, they won't and they don't. Our comprehensive, multi faceted approach goes well beyond fitting room measurements and not only provides immediate and precise adjustments, but also provides you with the tools you need to excel well into the future.

Transformation takes time and patience, but when it's done properly, the final results are well worth the wait.




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