2018 Specialized All Condition Armadillo (700c) Tire

$49.95 CAD
  • Brand:Specialized
  • Model:2017 All Condition Armadillo (700c) Tire0

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The All Condition Armadillo continues to be the leading tire for anyone who needs top performance blended with puncture-resistance. This workhorse tire is impressively robust for touring and commuting, as well as being tough enough to navigate the roughest road conditions.

Casing: 60 TPI

Bead: Wire

Compound: 60a

Flat Protection: Armadillo

700 x 23mm; psi 110-125; approximate weight 360g

700 x 25mm; psi 110-125; approximate weight 395g

700 x 28mm; psi 85-95; approximate weight 440g

700 x 30mm; psi 85-95; approximate weight 480g

700 x 32mm; psi 85-95; approximate weight 510g

27 x 1-1/4"; psi 85-95; approximate weight 460g

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