The Nimbus tire features a smooth tread that rolls fast and serves as the perfect fit for any rider looking to get around town. There are many widths to accommodate different models, riding styles, and comfort levels, making it an attractive and confident choice for riding on any road or bike path.

Casing: 30 TPI

Bead: Wire

Compound: 70a

Flat Protection: Flak Jacket

16 x 1.5"; psi 35-65; approximate weight 500g

24 x 1.5"; psi 50-80; approximate weight 750g

26 x 1.5"; psi 35-80, approximate weight 840g

700 x 28mm; psi 115-125; approximate weight 640g

700 x 32mm; psi 75-100; approximate weight 740g

700 x 35mm; psi 75-100; approximate weight 810g

700 x 38mm; psi 75-100; approximate weight 855g

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