Need bags for your Catrike? These bags are the answer to your storage needs for your next Catrike ride or adventure. Custom made to fit your specific Catrike model. They are great to carry all sorts of bike tools, snacks, hydration, sunscreen, cell phone, wallet and any other essentials. Great for any type of ride. These bags are water resistant to help keep your belongings protected. Made by Arkel with recycled material. Great storage and eco-friendly! 

These bags are simple to install. They attach to the trike frame with secure velcro straps and do not require any other hardware. 

Bags are sold in PAIRS. 

NOTE: Villager, Trail & Road Model Catrikes. Bags are not compatible with modern Villager, Trail and Road models with adjustable seat backs. For the adjustable seat back Catrikes you can order a Rack instead.

Expedition: Order Expedition Bags. This bag will also work with older model Speed and the OLDER Road WITHOUT an adjustable seat back. 

700: Order the 700 Bags. 

Pocket: Order the Pocket Bags. These bags will also work with OLDER model Dash, Trail and Villager WITHOUT an adjustable seat back. 

Bags are sold in pairs. Catrike bags are custom made for each model and they are designed to meet the exact specifications for each Catrike. Some Catrike models have evolved to include new features such as adjustable seat back and bags are not compatible with adjustable seat backs. Bags are not interchangeable so please make sure to select the correct bag for your Catrike model as detailed above.

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