The Sun Protection protects your child from direct sunlight. You just attach it with Velcro fasteners between the frame tubes of your Croozer Kid for 1.

Well protected on hot days

There’s nothing nicer on hot summer days than to spend time outside with your child. The Croozer Sun Screen for the Croozer Kid protects your child in your bicycle trailer from excessive sun. A child’s skin is tender and still very sensitive and can very quickly get sunburn.

Easy to install, good ventilation

Using Velcro fasteners, you just attach the Sun Screen to the front between the frame tubes of your Croozer. You can set it to the desired height or roll it back so that your child can still see out, but is not dazzled by the direct sun. On overcast days you simply roll it all the way up. The insect mesh protector can still be used along with the Croozer Sun Screen.

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