Extended Service Warranty (Catrike)

$132.95 CAD
  • Brand:BicyclesMcW
  • Model:Extended Service Warranty (Catrike)

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This service includes derailleur and brake adjustments, lubrication of all cables/parts and chain, straightening of wheels, verication of tire pressure, as well as an Ergonomic Bike Fitting. The following packages are also available: 1 Year Extended Warranty; 2 Years Extended Warranty; and 3 Years Extended Warranty.

​Extended Warranty is only available on Catrike recumbent trikes procured from BicyclesMcW and coverage commences upon activation - on condition that you continue to be the owner of your Catrike.

We look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you and your bicycle(s). Thank you for supporting your local bicycle shop.

* Does not include parts (that need to be replaced) and cleaning that is considered by BicyclesMcW to be major.

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