More Info:

• Provides an uploadable, wireless power training solution at an affordable price
• Displays power, speed, cadence, heart rate and more
• Compatible with all Kinetic Fluid trainers and Bluetooth Smart ™ (4.0) Apple products – iPhone 4S and 5, iPad 3 and Mini, 5th Generation iPod Touch
• Includes inRide sensor, HR strap, trainer roller magnet
• App available for free download on Apple App Store
• Ride data is wirelessly uploadable to online sites or sent via email
• Auto-calculated wattage and HR zones show current, average, and max heart rate and total time spent in each training zone during workout.
• Ride History logs results from your entire workout history, organized by date in the history tab.
• Upload workouts to popular training and workout-sharing web sites
• Music-player control screen to access library
• Audio announcements include: distance, time, pace, calories burned, heart rate zone and more at regular distance or time intervals for motivated workouts
• 2-year warranty

** Phone not included

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