• Convert your e-bike to a trolley cargo bike

  • Same stability as a regular bicycle

  • Low cargo center of gravity for safest and best maneuverability with heavy cargo

  • Suitable for bike cargo fleet and delivery agents


TReGo is a multi-functional trolley, made to carry heavy things anywhere you want to go . But what makes it unique is that it’s the first trolley that connects to the front of your bike in seconds.

It’s easy, no tools needed an no modifications to your bike either. Never get your hands dirty when you upgrade your ride.

Don’t buy a new expensive cargo bike, just upgrade yours. Now for the first time, there is a cost efficient solution to solve your transportation challenges.

Disconnecting TReGo from the bike enables you to continue carrying your goods where bikes simply can not go: your home; office; or supermarket.

Back to your original bike is as easy as disconnecting the FAST-Connector and reconnecting the front wheel.

This product is an innovation by TReGo and has been offered in Europe for a while and is now available in North America.

Price includes trolley kit only; bike is not included!

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