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The concept of electric bicycles as a mobility solution is relatively new compared to traditional internal combustion powered vehicles such as your car. While electric bikes may be the new kid on the block, they absolutely have the potential to replace the majority of traditional modes of transportation that use fossil fuels. 

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and over the years, they have evolved significantly. The first wave of electric bicycles were traditional urban bicycles and mountain bikes, followed by foldable, compact designs that are convenient. Recently, ebike designs are challenging the notion of the ‘traditional bicycle’ itself. These new designs include cargo bikes, utility bikes, and fat-tire bikes.

All of these innovations encompasses a certain type of requirement and cater to a specific market segment. These new concepts are improving the functionality of bikes and redefining the utility they provide. ENVO believes that this is just the beginning of the journey for ebikes and sustainable engineering.

In 2018 ENVO launched the D35 as an urban and leisure trail ebike. This ebike was designed specifically with North American customers in mind. It has an 8-speed cassette transmission, hydro-formed frame, and an advanced e-assist system. The D35 has one of the most efficient hub motors available making it the lightest ebike in its price category on the market.

After the successful launch of the D35, ENVO customers and dealers asked for a step-through (ST) version which led to the development of the ST. The ST features the same sustainable engineering and design parameters as the D35, but with the added benefit of a step-through design. This made it popular with the segment of customers looking for an easy way to hop on and off of their ebike.

In 2020, ENVO launched the Lynx, a foldable bike for customers who value portability and compactness. The Lynx fits into most car trunks, can be easily stored in a condo when folded, and features a proprietary seat tube battery design.


The ENVO LYNX is a stylish, efficient and foldable electric bike – perfect for so many applications. Capable of supporting up to 130 kg / 6’4” riders, the Lynx 20 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a bike that is compact and easy to transport. 

Well suited for urban commuting, fitness or adventure, the lightweight LYNX fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

  • ESE – ENVO Sustainable Engineering

  • Compact folding electric bike

  • Geared motor system

  • Seat Tube battery

  • Total Weight – 22.5 kg (48.5lbs) 

  • Max Power – 500W 

  • Max Torque – 60 Nm

  • Range – 70 km 

  • Max Speed – 32 km/h


ENVO Lynx is equipped with a sealed, powerful, geared hub motor which offers 500W power and 60Nm torque. The bike is a street legal bike with legalized speed, torque and power all over Canada and US. Our motors are 50% lighter than all the rest powered geared hub motors in Canada, yet they deliver 50% more torque and 25% more battery efficiency. These ENVO motors are developed for over 20,000Km maintenance free ride.


The Lynx is equipped with an advanced pedal assist sensor with an optimized torque emulation software. The advanced torque emulating Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) signals the controller to run the motor between 5 levels of pedal assist, providing a boost to your pedalling depending on the level of assist you select while riding. The Lynx is equipped with an on-demand thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost which activates the motor proportionally to the twist regardless of pedalling to give you a fully electric ride in case you cannot pedal or need an instant acceleration or uphill push.

The LCD interface gives the rider access to all monitoring and setting features such as ODO, speed, battery charge level, as well as diagnostics in case of a failure through which you can fix issues yourself using the manuals or with the help of our technical customer service.


The stylish, removable, high-performance and super reliable A-grade 36V 12.8Ah Li-Ion battery pack gives an average 50km round trip range on level 4-5 of assist or more than 100km on level 1-2. Although the battery is hidden in an structural part (seat post) making a clean and minimal design, it is simply accessible for replacement, transport and repairs.


Top of the line 160mm disk brakes are equipped with electric cut-off sensors for more safety.


The ENVO Lynx is built with a solid, super lightweight, stylish and unisex aluminium alloy frame. The frame is suitable for people in all form of heights. It is capable for a rider up to 300lbs and offering an ergonomic shape, which makes it easy for the rider to get on and off. The frame is specially designed to minimize all the vibrations and noise from the drive-system, the wheelbase optimized for most compact foldable size while providing a smooth and stable high speed, pleasurable ride on paved and unpaved roads.


20″x2.35” tires, is cushiony enough to improve ride comfort, dynamic manoeuvrability, and handling in different terrains. Tires are fat and knobby enough for the best grip on wet cement, asphalt paved, dirt or gravel trails which creates minimum noise and drag for normal urban paved rides.


The ENVO Lynx is fitted with high efficiency and bright LED 40 LUX headlight powered by the main battery and controlled by a keypad on the handlebar.


Taillight and reflector provide more safety riding in the dark. It powers up once the headlight is switched on.


Top of the line 7 speed derailleur and shifter with 52 to 11 gear ratio lets you accompany pedalling gently up to 35km/h. Well-engineered 7 speed 28T chain ring and 11-32 cassette Shimano transmission helps you overcome up to 25% grade when climbing a hill on gear 1 or 40km/h speed on last with gentle peddling.


Telescopic adjustable height and QR detachable handle bar brings the most compactness when folded without compromising the ergonomic riding posture.


Attach a full-size pannier for errands and commutes.


Make it your utility ebike! You get it all when you buy a Lynx-20.


  • Weight: 21KG

  • Battery: 36V 12.8Ah LG/

  • Panasonic Motor: Geared hub motor, 500W, 60Nm torque

  • Controller: 5 levels of assist + Thumb throttle

  • Frame: Custom Drawn T6-Aluminum Foldable e-bike

  • Tires: City 20″ x2.35″

  • Cassette/Freewheel: 11-28, 7-Speed Freewheel

  • Seat post: 50mm Battery container telescopic adjustable

  • Stem: QR folding, with telescopic height adjustment Brake Levers: 3-Finger

  • Brakes: Mechanical Disk-Brake

  • Brake Levers: 3-Finger with cut-off switch

  • Color: Black

  • Unfolded dimensions: 168*59*112 CM (66″ x 23″ x 44″)

  • Folded dimensions: 93*48*70 CM (37″ x 19″ x 28″)

  • Charger: CC-CV 42V 2A


  • Folding electric bike 500W geared motor system with battery in the seat tube

  • 500W Max Power

  • Max Speed 32km/h

  • Range per single charge (average): 70km

  • Max Torque 60Nm


  • Commutes and pleasure ride mostly paved road

  • People below 130kg weight, up to 190cm (6’4”ft) tall

  • Compact, light-weighted foldable frame to carry on boat, car, plane, transit, etc.

  • Continuous up-hills with 10-15% road grade



The top tube of the bicycle and the ground plane: 22″ (55.84 cm).

Note: This is a non-traditional bike so minimum leg length does not necessarily guide the bike sizing. We suggest minimum height of the rider to be 5 feet and maximum height to be 6’2’’.

User Guide: https://envodrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/ENVO_Lynx20_Manual_V1.4_EN.pdf

Installation Guide: https://envodrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/ENVO_Lynx20_Easy_Installation_Guide_V1.0.pdf

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