"The best way I can describe the feeling I got when training with the new Progressive Roller is “eerily realistic.” It does exactly what it claims to do. If you leave your trike in low gear and pedal a medium cadence, it feels as if you’re just cruising down the bike path. But if you bang up a couple of gears and start hammering, it feels sort of like you’re pushing into a stiff headwind trying to hold 25 mph."

- By Bryan J. Ball | Managing Editor of BentRiderOnline.com


- With two identical progressive resistance drums     

- Aluminum drums: 3.25'' (82.5mm) diameter, 1/8'' (3mm) wall thickness

- End caps:  Molded polycarbonate    

- Drums are lathed on the axle for precision runout and balance

- All drums are dynamically spin balanced, and will not distort in heat or sunlight

- Bearings are greased and sealed, and do not require maintenance

- Steel framework is zinc-plated and powder coated for ultimate durability

- Product dimensions: 21'' x 4.25'' x 10'' (53.3cm x 10.8cm x 25.4cm)

- Change the resistance level simply by changing gears

- Powered by our patented ARC Technology, the OverDrive Trike Trainer delivers real-road resistance

- Lightweight, compact and easy to transport and store

- Accommodates 16" to 700c wheels and requires no clamping on the rear skewer

- Identified by one red cap on the rear drum (the Mag Trike Trainer has two red caps on the rear drum)

- 100% designed and manufactured in USA   

- Lifetime warranty

Spec: http://www.sportcrafters.com/products/trike-trainers/double-overdrive-trike-trainer-mr120

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