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E-Bikes at Bicycles MCW: Power Meets Pedalling

Combining state-of-the-art technology with the timeless thrill of cycling gives us the e-bike. At Bicycles MCW, we take pride in delivering an involved cycling experience, blending traditional pedal power with a jolt of electric energy. Dive into a world where every pedal gives you a little extra push.

Our Handpicked E-Bikes Line-Up

Our e-bikes aren’t just any off-the-rack selections. We’ve handpicked each model for its stellar engineering, top-notch performance, and its distinctive flair. Whether you’re navigating city streets, hitting mountain trails, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, we’ve got a bike that resonates with your rhythm. Check out some of our prime picks :

Velec 2023 Velec R48 48V/14Ah : Crafted for those long, soulful rides.
ENVO Flex Trike Folding E-Bike : Light as a feather with a style that’s slick and versatile.
iGO 2022 iGO Outland - Laurentian E-Bike : Built rugged, it’s all set to take on any Canadian terrain.

Accessorize Your E-Bike

E-bikes are modern marvels, and just like any marvel, they deserve the best add-ons. Our range of accessories is curated to amplify, protect, and elevate your e-cycling adventures. Here’s a taste of what we offer :

GOCYCLE FRONT PANNIER: A perfect mix of Canadian pragmatism and urban style.
DOST CRATE CARGO PANNIER BAG : Where utility meets sleek design, so you carry everything with ease.
BENNO STUDDED SNOW TIRE : Because Canadian winters don’t stand a chance against the right grip.


Do I even need to pedal with an e-bike?

Absolutely! Think of e-bikes as your cycling sidekick. They’re there to give you a boost when you’re climbing those pesky hills or when you just need an extra push. You decide how much of a hand you want.

How far can I go with a single charge?

That’s a “depends” question. Depending on the e-bike model, you’re looking at anywhere from 40 to 100 km. That’s a lot of ground to cover!

Can I slap on accessories from my old bike to my e-bike?

Many of the accessories are universal, fitting both traditional and e-bikes. But, there are some e-bike specific ones too. If you have any doubt, give us a shout, and we’ll guide you right.

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2023 Velec R48 48V/14Ah

The Velec R48 was designed for long, comfortable rides. The ..
C$3,799.99 C$3,299.99

ENVO Flex Trike Folding E-Bike

Engineered in Canada, the Flex Trike is a stylish light, and..

2023 Velec Citi 350 36V/10Ah

The Velec Citi 350 is equipped with a 350 Watt motor at the ..
C$2,999.99 C$1,949.99


The ENVO ST offers the ultimate accessible mobility. Featuri..
C$2,679.99 C$2,479.99

Gocycle G4 Folding E-Bike

"The ride quality is second to none and could easily go up a..

2023 Velec Citi 500 36V/10Ah

With a clean design, a built-in battery and a discreet in-wh..
C$3,099.99 C$2,049.99

NEW ENVO D50 e-Bike

ENVO D50 is an e-bike that functions as a commuter and cargo..

NEW ENVO ST50 e-Bike

ENVO ST50 is an e-bike that functions as a commuter and carg..

ENVO Lynx 20 Folding E-Bike

The ENVO Lynx 20 is a stylish, efficient and foldable electr..

2022 Devinci E-Milano ST E5000 8s

Trading a gas pedal past for a cleaner, powered-by-you futur..
C$3,399.99 C$2,549.99

2022 Devinci E-Hatchet GRX RX810 11s

The E Hatchet is our limit-taunting, electric-assisted grave..
C$5,499.99 C$4,399.99

ENVO Flex Urban Folding E-Bike

Engineered in Canada, the Flex Urban is a stylish light and ..
Easy Financing
Secured Payments
Fast Delivery
Quality Products