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Catrikes at Bicycles MCW: Explore the Future of Three-Wheeled Adventures

Experience the future of cycling with our range of Catrikes. At Bicycles MCW, we celebrate innovation and craftsmanship, and catrikes represent the pinnacle of three-wheeled engineering. With unmatched stability, unparalleled comfort, and a dash of fun, it’s time to reimagine the way you ride.

Our Carefully Chosen Line-Up of Catrikes

Catrikes aren’t just trikes - they’re bold statement of your passion for unique cycling adventures. From urban escapades to leisurely countryside strolls, our catrikes offer a mesmerizing blend of performance and style. Explore our handpicked range:

  • CATRIKE 5.5.9: A premium touring trike for those who crave the best.
  • CATRIKE DUMONT: Revolutionary, foldable, and fitted with suspension on every wheel.
  • CATRIKE EXPEDITION: Crafted for your adventurous spirit and explorations.
  • CATRIKE MAX: Experience the pinnacle of trike technology and design.
  • CATRIKE 700: Built for speed; because sometimes, three wheels are faster than two.
  • CATRIKE VILLAGER: Elevated for ease of access, making every start and stop a breeze.
  • CATRIKE TRAIL: Foldable Catrike design, perfect for those on the move.
  • CATRIKE POCKET: Compact design crafted meticulously for the smaller riders.

Effortless Financing with Bicycles MCW

BUY NOW, PAY LATER! Why wait to revolutionize your cycling experience? With Bicycles MCW and PayBright, stepping into the world of catrikes is smoother than ever. Let financial constraints be a thing of the past. Our stellar 0% interest for 6 months on purchases of just $699.99 or more (before taxes and shipping) ensures that your dream trike is just around the corner.

With tailored monthly payments and a straightforward application process, we’ve got your back. Embrace the three-wheel thrill!

FAQ - Getting You in the Know

Why choose a catrike over a traditional bicycle?

Catrikes offer an unrivaled level of stability, comfort, and fun. They’re an excellent choice for those looking for a unique riding experience or for those who want an alternative to the traditional two-wheeler.

Are catrikes suitable for all terrains?

While catrikes excel on flat and smooth surfaces, they can handle a variety of terrains. Depending on the model, some are even designed for more adventurous paths.

How do I maintain my catrike?

Maintaining a Catrike is similar to a regular bike. Regular checks, cleaning, and occasional tune-ups will ensure that your trike runs smoothly. If you need professional assistance, Bicycles MCW offers maintenance and repair services. Our team can guide you with specific care tips for your model and ensure that your Catrike stays in optimal condition.

​ ​

Catrike 5.5.9

Un trike premium de touring.

Catrike Villager

Un Catrike plus haut donc il est plus facile d'embarquer et ..

Catrike Expedition

Fait pour vos expéditions.

Catrike Pocket

Un Catrike fait compact. Parfait pour les plus petits gabari..

Catrike Dumont

Tout nouveau, pliable, avec suspension à chaque roue ainsi ..

Catrike 700

Un Catrike fait pour aller vite!

Catrike Trail

Catrike pliable.
Financement simple
Secured Payments
Livraison rapide
Quality Products