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2023 Devinci E-Griffin ST EP6 9s Morning Dew

The E-Griffin takes the guesswork out of city and leisure bi..

2023 Devinci E-Cartier EP6 9s

The E-Cartier is part of a new wave of hard-working, fun-lov..

2023 Devinci E-Milano E5000 8s

Trading a gas pedal past for a cleaner, powered-by-you futur..

NEW Wahoo KICKR Move

With built-in, dual axis movement and KICKR’s legendary fl..

NEW Wahoo KICKR Bike Shift

KICKR BIKE SHIFT offers the unmatched ride feel of KICKR BIK..

2022 Felt FR 30

This ain't your dad's aluminum race bike. Featuring our most..
C$2,499.99 C$2,249.99

NEW ENVO ST50 e-Bike

ENVO ST50 is an e-bike that functions as a commuter and carg..

Bike Fittings

A proper bicycle fit is essential. With our trained staff, who are also professional and experienced cyclists, we have all the tools to make sure your comfort is our # 1 objective.

Repair Shop

We have a full service team in terms of bike repair, which means we can help you with any aspect of your bike maintenance.

Parts & Accessories

Our full line of parts and accessories can accommodate any need you might have.

Bicycles MCW: Begin Your Journey Here

Gear up and embark on your next cycling adventure with Bicycles MCW. More than just a bike shop, we’re your trusted partner on every ride. Online or at our Montreal Store, you’ll find top-tier bicycles, cutting-edge accessories, and unmatched service.

Rides for Every Road and Trail

Seeking a dependable commuter for bustling city streets? A durable mountain bike for those challenging trails? Or an e-bike to make those distances seem effortless? Dive into our selection, featuring celebrated brands like NORCO, DCO, Cannondale, and many others that stand for excellence.

Explore our array of e-bikes and Catrikes, tailored for those who crave an added boost. With the perfect blend of technology and style, they offer a ride unlike any other.

Accessories & Gear: Elevate Your Ride

From snug helmets to cycling attire fit for any weather, dive into our comprehensive accessory collection. Sporting renowned names like THULE, you’re guaranteed top-notch quality and style.

Services Tailored to You and Your Bike

Our team of experts is committed to ensuring your ride remains in prime condition. Whether you need custom adjustments, repairs, or just a routine check-up, Bicycle MCW has you covered.

FAQ - Getting You in the Know

Can I test out a bike before making a decision?

For sure! A bike is a long-term buddy. Pop by and take one for a spin to find your perfect match.

Will your accessories fit my bike?

Most of our accessories are universal. But if you’ve got any concerns about compatibility, just give us a shout.

Do you handle repairs for all bike types?

Absolutely! From mountain bikes, roadsters, to e-bikes, our team is equipped to get you back on track. Whatever the issue, we're here to help.

Easy Financing
Secured Payments
Fast Delivery
Quality Products