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Norco Bikes at Bicycles MCW: A Journey Through Ruggedness & Grace

Step into the domain of Norco, a name that echoed with cutting-edge design and trail-blazing performance. At Bicycles MCW, we understand the heart of cyclists beating for unmatched machinery. Whether you’re meandering through the city streets, plowing through snowy trails, or taking that long-awaited weekend adventure, Norco pledges an unparalleled experience.

Explore the perfect fusion of technology, finesse, and determination, crafted for those who settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

Our Curated Selection of Norco Bikes

Our Norco bikes aren’t merely a means to travel - they embody a dream, an adventure, a reflection of your undying spirit. Dive into our exclusive collection:

  • 2021 NORCO INDIE 2: Immerse yourself in city vibes. This do-it-all city bike promises comfort and capability, now available at an unbeatable discounted price.
  • 2022 NORCO BIGFOOT 3: Brave the toughest terrains with aggressive handling that never misses a mark. A thrill for the adventurers, now with an irresistible offer.
  • 2022 NORCO BIGFOOT 2: Leave no path untraveled with precision that cuts through the wilderness. A journey redefined, grab it while the offer lasts.
  • 2021 NORCO STORM 4: When road meets gravel, and hybrid seems the answer, Storm 4 is your go-to. Now on sale!
  • 2021 NORCO SCENE 3: Embrace the scene in style and comfort. An ultra-versatile bike for the relaxed soul, available at a discounted price.
  • 2021 NORCO XFR 2: Every day brings a new adventure. With the XFR 2, embrace each one, every day.

Savor Norco Without Financial Delays

BUY NOW, PAY LATER! Let the Norco horizon beckon you, unburdened by financial worries. Bicycles MCW, partnering with PayBright, ensure your cycling dreams aren’t chained by budget limits. Let nothing stand between you and the ride you crave. Discover our flexible financing options, plan your payments effortlessly, and start your Norco adventure sooner than you thought.

Enjoy an unmatched 0% interest for 6 months on purchases from $699.99 (excluding taxes and shipping). Our carefully structured monthly payment plans sync with your budget, ensuring your adventures remain unstoppable. The application process? As slick as our bikes. And our team is always ready, waiting to guide and support you. Pull on those gloves, set your eyes on the open trails, and together, let’s blaze new paths!

FAQ - Getting You in the Know

What distinguishes Norco bikes from the competition?

Norco stands as a testament to advanced engineering, exquisite design, and a commitment to crafting bikes that define excellence.

Can Norco bikes handle challenging terrains?

Yes, indeed! Norco has an array of bikes designed for various terrains, from urban streets to the wildest of trails.

Which Norco bike would you suggest?

Your purpose defines the choice. For city rides, "Norco Indie 2" is a gem. For snowy trails, the "Bigfoot" series shines, and for versatile riders, "Norco XFR 2" is a standout.

​ ​

Norco Indie 2

The Indie 2 is a comfortable, capable, do-it-all city bike f..
C$1,149.99 C$724.99

Norco Storm 4

The Storm 4 picks up where road, gravel, and hybrid bikes ca..
C$899.99 C$674.99

Norco XFR 2

The XFR 2 is designed for everyday adventures and adventurin..
C$1,099.99 C$824.99

Norco Bigfoot 3

The confident, aggressive handling tracks precisely where yo..
C$1,999.99 C$1,174.99

Norco Bigfoot 2

The confident, aggressive handling tracks precisely where yo..
C$2,499.99 C$1,799.99

Norco Scene 3

The Scene 3 is an ultra-versatile, but decidedly relaxed ste..
C$1,049.99 C$784.99
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