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Cannondale Bikes at Bicycles MCW: Celebrating Excellence in Design & Performance

Step into the world of Cannondale, a brand that’s synonymous with unparalleled design and innovation. At Bicycles MCW, we recognize the fiery passion of cyclists for top-notch gear. Whether you’re touring scenic byways, conquering mountain peaks, or navigating the urban jungle, Cannondale promised a ride like no other.

Dive into the perfect blend of technology, precision, and style, tailored for those who accept nothing but the best.

Our Curated Selection of Cannondale Bikes

Our Cannondale bikes are more than just transportation - they’re a statement, an experience, an extension of your will to champion any terrain. Delve into our handpicked collection:

  • 2022 CANNONDALE TOPSTONE 4: Capture the spirit of adventure. Let every trail be a testament to its Alloy essence, now at a special discounted rate.
  • 2021 CANNONDALE SYNAPSE 105: Exude confidence with a bike that’s performance-driven, yet comfort-oriented. A ride that understands you.
  • 2022 CANNONDALE TOPSTONE CARBON 4: Gravel roads or sinuous tracks, this bike knows no boundaries. The pinnacle of gravel biking, albeit currently out of stock.
  • 2021 CANNONDALE BAD BOY 3 650B: The urban knight. It’s not just a ride; it’s a statement. Aggressive yet elegant.
  • 2021 CANNONDALE ADVENTURE 2: Every road, every path, every journey becomes an enthralling tale of joy.

Enjoy Cannondale without Financial Wait

BUY NOW, PAY LATER! Let your Cannondale dream soar, free from financial barriers. Bicycles MCW, in collaboration with PayBright, ensures that your ambitions are never tethered by budgetary constraints. Let no financial hurdle overshadow the passion that drives you. Embrace our flexible financing options, spread out your payments, and embark on your Cannondale journey sooner than anticipated.

Unlock an exceptional 0% interest for 6 months on purchases from $699.99 (excluding taxes and shipping). Our thoughtfully curated monthly payment plans align with your financial comfort, ensuring your aspirations remain undeterred. The application process? Seamless, much like the ride our bikes promise. And our dedicated team? Always on standby, ready to guide and assist. Strap on your helmet, gaze towards the trails ahead, and let’s pedal into the future, side by side!

FAQ - Getting You in the Know

What sets Cannondale bikes apart from other brands?

Cannondale stands out as a blend of innovative technology, elegant design, and a rich history of producing bikes that offer unparalleled performance.

Are Cannondale bikes equipped to handle challenging terrains?

Absolutely! Cannondale offers a diverse range of bikes tailored for various terrains, from bustling city avenues to challenging off-road trails. It's essential to select the model that aligns best with your riding preferences.

Which Cannondale bike do you recommend?

It depends on your riding needs. For urban commutes, try the “Cannondale Bad Boy”. For gravel, the “Topstone” series is excellent, and for road cycling, the "Synapse" is top-notch.

​ ​

Cannondale Topstone 4

Topstone Alloy distills the spirit of Topstone Carbon into a..
C$1,734.99 C$1,599.99

Cannondale Synapse 105

Performance focused, but slightly more upright for comfort. ..

Cannondale Quick CX 1

An urban-adventure bike for cities and town pathways, open c..
C$1,944.99 C$1,699.99

Cannondale Trail 5

Trail is built for the mountains and will also handle everyt..
C$1,284.99 C$899.99

Cannondale Quick Disc 5

A swift, sporty bike that’s perfect for getting a workout,..
C$964.99 C$819.99

Cannondale Bad Boy 3 650b

The ultimate urban ride. Elegantly aggressive style. Forward..
C$1,534.99 C$1,149.99

Cannondale Trail 6

Trail is built for the mountains and will also handle everyt..
C$1,134.99 C$849.99

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4

The best gravel bike for anything from dirt roads to singlet..

Cannondale Treadwell NEO 2 EQ

An e-bike for any day and anywhere. Fun and light to rip aro..

Cannondale Topstone 2

Topstone Alloy distills the spirit of Topstone Carbon into a..
Easy Financing
Secured Payments
Fast Delivery
Quality Products